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Police Services - Emergency Management

Officer Israel Garcia

When Israel was in the 5th grade, he was involved in a physical altercation with three of his classmates. When asked by school administrators why he was fighting, he stated he was protecting a classmate that was being bullied and assaulted by three classmates. Israel told school administrators the bullied student has been ostracized and called homophobic slurs for a long time, and school administrators failed to protect the student.

Israel was praised for bringing up the issue to school administrators. Israel still felt bad it took him some time to act and step in for a person in need. Israel took it upon himself to look after his classmate moving forward. Israel credits that moment as one of the primary reasons he wanted to become a police officer.

People tend to believe law enforcement is just about writing tickets. Israel believes law enforcement is about protecting those whom cannot protect themselves. Israel wanted to work for UC Merced PD because the administration also believes the safety of their staff and students is a top priority. Israel describes himself as the funniest, hardest working person another person will ever meet. He learned good work habits from his mother. Israel’s mother raised him and his two siblings on her own. Israel’s father was sent to prison when Israel was only four years old. Soon after his release from prison, Israel’s parents divorced. This forced Israel to grow up fast and become a role model for his younger brothers.

Israel took it upon himself to become a trailblazer for his family by becoming the first person in his family to attend college. In 2011, Israel graduated from Grad school. Like so many UC Merced students, Israel can relate to students that are “ trailblazers “ for their families, just as he was for his family. On his spare time , Israel enjoys listening to music and golfing. Some of Israel’s life time goals are to become a substitute teacher on his days off and earn his PhD.