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Officer James Marshall

In this series of who we are, we introduce Officer James Marshall. James has been a UCM Officer for approximately 3 years. He previously worked as a police officer for the City of Merced for almost 15 years.

James was born in Modesto and raised in Ceres until he moved to Merced in middle school. After graduating from Merced College, he began working as a dispatcher for the Merced Police Department. He eventually became a police officer and had a successful career working patrol and serving as a member of the Bomb Squad.

As a youth, he was active in Boy Scouts, rising to the highest rank of Eagle Scout. As a scout, he organized a project between the City of Merced and community groups to plant over 100 trees as part of an urban re-forestry grant. Officer Marshall involved members of his church youth group, his scout troop, and a City of Merced Youth Leadership forum to complete planting the trees in local parks and along the bike paths.

While scouting, James developed an appreciation of the outdoors. He also learned the important principals of community involvement at local, national, and worldwide levels. He still carries these lessons with him today as he serves the UC Merced community. Officer Marshall still loves the outdoors, frequently kayaking and canoeing, driving off-road trails, and hiking with his family. Santa Cruz, Pinecrest Lake, and the Sierra’s surrounding Yosemite are where he can be found on his days off.

James also has a love for all things mechanical. He has owned, modified, sold, traded, raced, painted, souped-up, and torn down a dozen old cars and trucks since he began driving. If he’s not off in the mountains, he can be found under an old car out in the garage.

James enjoys traveling and within in the last few years covered vast portions of the USA, from the beaches of the Florida to deep sea fishing in the South Eastern Alaskan island chains. Part of the fun for James before the trip is to research the best places to eat and points of interest or local events. Whether it’s a Golden State Warriors game while in the Bay Area, or a best of old school hip hop concert in Sacramento, staying active and experiencing a new place is his goal.

As a patrol officer for the University, you may have seen James on a mountain bike. James enjoys riding the bicycle around campus and meeting students and their families during events like move-in day and commencement.

Be sure to say when you see him around campus!