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Police Services - Emergency Management

Community Service Officers

Our student Community Service Officers help serve the UC Merced community to make it a safer place.  They serve by conducting patrol checks of the campus, provide safety escorts, pick up lost & found, livescan applicants for employment, and assist the police department with administrative tasks.  CSOs carry a radio to communicate with the UCMPD dispatchers about any situations of concern.  Examples include students in distress, medical aids, suspicious circumstances, suspects attempting to steal bicycles, etc. Sworn police officers respond to their location to assist with the problem.
We count on them to serve as liasions between the department and community in several capacities.  They wear high visibility yellow polo shirts, so please say hello to them when you are on campus!
Duties of a Community Service Officer
  • Promote safety and security on campus
  • Provide campus safety escorts
  • Provide security at special events
  • Patrol the campus
  • Assist during emergencies

Special Event Assistance

  • Campus tours
  • Personal safety activities
  • New student orientation
  • University-sponsored events and more

Police Services Recharge Rate :

  • Police Officer Services $93.48 hr
  • Sergeant Services $102.56 hr
  • Dispatch Services $65.81 hr
  • CSO Student Services $14.58 hr
  • CSO Supervisor Services $17.62 hr
  • PSO Services $46.55 hr

Safety Escort Hours

  • Monday through Sunday: 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
  • CSOs carry police radios
  • CSOs have direct contact with dispatch

Request A Safety Escort

  • Call 209-228-2677 (CAT-COPS)
  • Wave down a CSO anywhere
  • Contact dispatch using a blue light emergency phone