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Violent Intruder Response Training

What is V.I.R.T.?

The V.I.R.T. program (Violent Intruder Response Training) is a civilian response to a violent intruder/active shooter scenario.  The program covers information everyone needs to be aware of prior to an incident occurring, options they have during a critical incident (A.L.I.C.E.) and what law enforcements response will most likely be to that incident.  The information covered can be used on a daily basis in any setting including on campus, at work and every day travels.

The program is 1.5hrs long including time at the end for questions and discussion. 

When are classes held?

Classes are held by request for anyone wanting to participate.  Open classes are also held at different times of the year for anyone to attend.  Those dates, times and locations will be listed below.


Please contact Sgt. Kari Gomes with questions regarding the program or to schedule a training.  Sgt. Gomes can be reached by email at

You can also call the Police Department at (209) 228-2677 or click on the following link, for a quick glance at related information.

Upcoming Classes:

The following are the dates, times and locations for the VIRT open sessions:

02/15/2019,   8:30am-10:00am   SSM 230

03/01/2019,   10:30am-12:00pm  SE2 102 

03/15/2019,   3:30pm--5:00pm  DCC 190

04/05/2019,   3:30pm-5:00pm   SE1 298

04/19/2019,   3:30pm-5:00pm  CASTLE 1200

05/03/2019,   3:00pm-4:30am  GRAN 170