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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature by one person against another without their consent through the use of force or intimidation, threat of immediate or future violence, or the inability of a person to give consent or to resist because of intoxication or unconsciousness.

Rape is any penetration without consent.

  • It is illegal to have any sexual contact with someone without consent. Regardless of the type of relationship, intoxication level, or whether some of the sexual activity was consensual; everyone has the right to indicate "no,” to stop and change their mind at any time.

All of these crimes lack consent, which is active and enthusiastic participation. Consent can be given and revoked at any time and cannot be assumed from silence or lack of resistance.

For information on how the university responds to such incidents, view the Sexual Assault Response Protocol .

Learn more about a survivor's rights.

If you are a survivor of sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and/or stalking, you have the choice to report these crimes to law enforcement and/or the Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) Office.