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Who we are

Chou Her 

Chief of Police

A glance into Chief Her’s mind sheds light on how his past shaped him into who he is today. He uniquely serves others as a result of embracing his roots. Service and connection to the community are the reason he got into law enforcement instead of following his goal to become a pediatrician. ...READ MORE


George Gongora




They say elephants have the best memories.  We disagree, as our Police Lieutenant, George Gongora, can remember things we are amazed at.  His ability to recall and reflect on small and significant incidents of his life provide an insight into how he serves at UC Merced....READ MORE


Fernando Flores

Police Officer

Setting a positive example and spreading awareness of not taking anything for granted is a small piece of a code Officer Flores lives by. He has been employed as a police officer with UC Merced since August 2018.....READ MORE


James Marshall

Police Officer

In this series of WHO WE ARE, we introduce Officer James Marshall. James has been a UCM Officer for approximately 3 years. He previously worked as a police officer for the City of Merced for almost 15 years.

James was born in Modesto and raised in Ceres until he moved to Merced in middle school...READ MORE


Vince Sapien

Police Officer

In this series of “Who We Are” we dive into who UC Merced Police officer Vince Sapien is. Vince is a native Mercedian. Vince was born and raised in Merced and is a fine example of what quality citizens Merced produces. Growing up in a Hispanic household, he learned the values of family....READ MORE


Josie Haywood

Police Officer

Officer Haywood has worked at UC Merced Police department for 13 years. During this time, she has watched the campus grow from dirt lots to beautiful buildings with a diverse community.

Officer Haywood always knew she wanted a career in law enforcement from a young age....READ MORE


Enrique Rodriguez

Police Officer


Deciding to change careers is never an easy choice. Officer Rodriguez grew up in the Merced area and attended Golden Valley high school. He was part of the track and cross-country team coached by Bill Hurst who was a major influence in his life. Coach Hurst taught valuable life lessons....READ MORE


Officer Kourtney Brown

Police Officer


Officer Kourtney Brown has a desire to always be the best version of herself, which comes from her natural competitiveness. She remembers playing softball at five years old. Her mother, father, uncle and aunts played slow pitch softball in the adult league on weekday nights. The weekends were all about filling up one half of the church with just her family alone. ....READ MORE