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Mission, Vision and Values Statement

In accord with the highest professional standards in proactive, community-focused services, the UC Merced Police Department promotes and maintains a safe and secure environment for our richly diverse community.


In partnership with the community, through the highest standards of police services, violence prevention, emergency management and community outreach, we enhance the quality of life so UC Merced can reach and maintain its fundamental missions of learning, research, teaching and public service.

We accomplish our mission through community trust and support, with well-equipped, well-trained, department members who deliver traditional and innovative services designed with sensitivity for our broad, unique UC Merced Community.


We strive to be innovative and proactive in our approach to safety and to serve our constituencies with excellence. We seek to maintain an organization and culture that is diverse, well trained, well equipped and capable of responding to today's ever-changing environment.


"We the members of the UC Merced Police Department recognize our contribution to the quality of life and a safe and harmonious environment for our community. We will meet the challenge by developing a model public safety department by shaping sustainable best practices in partnership with our community, and by basing our thoughts and actions on the following shared values.

RESPECT: We will treat all with whom we work and interact with professional courtesy, fairness, and understanding. Respect crosses many organizations, cultural, social, economic, and occupational boundaries. We will strive to better understand other persons' views, communicate clearly, and acknowledge that an individual can earn our respect even when some of his or her views are in conflict with our own.

INTEGRITY: We place the highest value on our integrity, in service to each other and our community, in a manner that is ethical, honest, respectful, fair, courteous, responsive and efficient. We take responsibility for our actions and are willing to admit mistakes. We strive to assure that our behavior builds credibility with all who we serve.

SERVICE: We believe that service is the very foundation of our profession. While carrying out our public safety responsibilities on a day-to -day basis, the attitudes we express and the actions we take will communicate to others that our primary goal is to serve the public in the interest of maintaining and increasing community safety and harmony.

STEWARDSHIP: We are committed to managing our resources in a careful, efficient and effective manner. We recognize that the department members are its greatest asset and assume responsibility to treat them professionally and support their professional development. We encourage and promote all physical and emotional health and wellness of our department members. We strive to incorporate environmental sound practices into our daily activities.

EXCELLENCE: We will achieve excellence when every individual in the organization is doing his or her personal best to fulfill the organization Mission and to achieve the department's Goals and Objectives. We will achieve excellence when we share and support and live these values to the best of our ability, both individually and collectively.

PROFESSIONALISM: We value the spirit of professionalism, having a clear sense of commitment, perspective, and direction. We take pride in our training, education, and enthusiasm for our work. Our appearance and work quality reflects our professional pride and dedication. We know our duties we perform involve life, safety, and personal liberty. The manner in which each of us performs our duties is the criteria by which we are judged. We must maintain diligence in all our endeavors, seeking to assure that our image inspires confidence and admiration."