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Complaints FAQ

Who investigates my complaint against an employee of the police department?

Formal complaints, routing through UCMPD, will be handled in accordance with the UC Systemwide Campus safety plan. An external and independent group separate from the police department will review and investigate all complaints.


How do I make a complaint?

Regardless of the format, complaints can be submitted: .

  • In person to a PD Supervisor, to any campus office, or any other campus representative
  • By mailed to:
    • UC Merced Police Department
    • 5200 N. Lake Road
    • Merced, CA 95343
  • A complaint can be faxed to: (209) 28-7866
  • Via e-mail to
  • By calling 209-228-2677
  • By completing the University of California Office of the President's (UCOP) online form
  • By calling the UC Office of the President hotline at (844) 680-0578. Anonymous complaints are accepted


Are there restrictions on making a complaint?

A complaint should be made as soon possible after the incident as practical. Complaints should have as much details and information about the incident whenever possible.


Can I remain anonymous when file a complaint?

Yes, however this may present a hinderance to the investigation if not enough information is provided to adequately determine what occurred that resulted in the complaint.


Will action be taken against the officer?

When an employee’s actions have been deemed to have violated policy, law, and/or regulations, appropriate corrective actions will be taken.


Will I be told the result of the complaint?

The complainant will receive a written response from the Chief of Police or his/her designee to include the outcome of the complaint.

The outcome will be either Unfounded, Exonerated, Not Sustained, or Sustained.

  • Unfounded: When the investigation discloses that the alleged act(s) did not occur or did not involve Department personnel. Complaints which are determined to be frivolous will fall within the classification of unfounded.
  • Exonerated: When the investigation discloses that the alleged act occurred, but that the act was justified, lawful and/or proper.
  • Not Sustained: When the investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee.
  • Sustained: When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct.


Do I need to be a member of UC Merced to file a complaint about the conduct of a Police Department employee?

Any person can file a complaint if they felt mistreated and/or that the employee’s conduct warranted reporting.


How many complaints has UCMPD received?

UCM Police Department share a full list of its complaints for the last five (5) years on its website dashboard.


Year Location Affiliation Allegation(s) Investigation Status Outcome

City of Merced




Not Sustained

2019 (none)







Off Campus Housing


Harassment, Biased Based Policing



2017 (none)







On Campus


Harassment, Parking Enforcement