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UCMPD Team Member Training

The UC Merced Police Department takes pride in attending professional development opportunities. The following is a list of trainings our team has attended the past five years.

Absence from Work Policy Orientation for Human Resource Administrators UC
A Dangerous Defense: “Blackout” in Alcohol Facilitated, non-Stranger Sexual Assault Cases EVAWI
A Right to Know: What Human Trafficking Survivors and Their Advocates Need to Know National Crime Victim Bar Association
AB 392: California’s New Use of Force Standards: What You Need to Know POST
Accessibility services UC
Accounting and Stewardship of Financial Resources UC
Active shooter response UCSCPD
Adult sex Offenders – What you need to know EVAWI
After the interview- Now the work Begins EVAWI
ALICE Instructor ALICE Institute
Anti-Raciasm Book Group UC
Arrest & Control instructor update LAPD
Arrest & Control Update (PSP) MCSO
Arrest & Control, Firearm, Tac Comm, DV FRESNO PD
Arrest, Search and Seizure 2Protect Training Institute
Attitude in the Workplace UC
Autism Recognition and Response POST
Autism Spectrum Disorders Recognition &Response For First Responders CIR
Automated license plate reader (LPR) STAS
Background investigations SOBAYRTC
Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response Emergency Management Institute
Basic Life Safety instructor Riggs Ambulance
Basic Physical Defense- Instructor RAD
Behavior intervention team training UC
Behavior threat Assessment STAS
Best practices of good training (WEB) POST
Best practices to reach and serve LGBTQ you CIR Underserved Populations Training project
BIAS based policing: Remaining fair &impartial FRESNO PD
Bicycle patrol instructor SACTO SO
Bicycle patrol update MPD
Black Minds Matter 2020 Parts 1-5 Webinars CORA
Bloodborne pathogens and aerosol transmissible UC
Bobcat Buy Learning Lab UC
Bobcat Connects UC
Budget Framework and the Color of Money UC
Burglary Investigations LAPD
But, I Get an iPhone. Psycho-social behavior for people with disabilities CIR
C.L.E.T.S Certification
CA Hostage Negotiations conference POST
CA Sexual assault investigators association conference POST
California Public Records Act POST
California’s Forgotten Children viewing Shown at UCM
Callers in Crisis/Suicidal POST
Callers in crisis: Suicidal Callers (Web) POST
Campus-run Activities involving Minors UC
Canine handler update RIVERS SO
Canine/SWAT Deployment MCSO
CARE interview techniques UC
Career Advancement Mentorship Program UC
Cell Phone Use In narcotics Investigations  
Cellebrite Certified Operator Cellebrite
Cellular phone forensics/investigation DOJ International Association of Arson Investigators
Challenging Victims: The Delicate dynamics of drug & alcoholic facilitated EVAWI
Change Project Management - The Crucial Role of Communication UC
Chasing Cell Phones  
Chemical Agents Police Science Institute
Child Abuse CSU-SAC
CJIS Security Level 1 DOJ
Clery Act Compliance Clery Center
Clery Act Compliance: Risk & the Current Environment None
Clery Act Seminar: Building Compliance Excellence Margolis Healy and Associates
Clery Act Training UC
Clery Act Training for Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) UC
CLETS Full Access Operator DOJ
CLETS Less Than Full Access DOJ
Coaching for Performance and Development UC
Coaching to Improve Performance UC
Collecting Evidence From Online Social Media : Building a Cyber –OSINT Toolbox National White Collar Crime Center
Command College 3: Enhanced Leadership & Politics POST
Command College 4: Economics & Strategic Planning POST
Command College 5: Technological & Environ Issues POST
Command College 6: Futures Planning tools POST
Command College 7: Politics of Change POST
Command College: 1 Defining the future POST
Command College: 2 Social issues & futures research POST
Communicating - Connecting to Your People UC
Communication and its Significance 2Protect Training Institute
Communication in the Workplace UC
Communication: Keeping your edge (WEB) POST
Communications training officer PSTC
Conducting Performance Appraisals UC
Conflict of Interest for Form 700 Filers UC
Conflict Resolution UC
Contemporary Campus Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention UC
Continuity of Operations Planning Emergency Management Institute
Courtroom testimony MCSO
Criminal investigations Core (ICI) SOBAYRTC
Crisis Intervention Update MCSO
Crisis negotiations UC
Crisis negotiations UC
Critical Asset Risk Management TEEX
Critical Incident for Patrol BUTTE CTR
Critical Incident Mgt. Update D-PREP
Cross Coltural Communication UC
Crowd Control 2Protect Training Institute
Crowd Control Update FRESNO PD
Crowd Management/Control Strategies for Command Staff Modern Tactical Services
CSO Training 2020-21 Academic Year UCMPD
CTO School (Dispatch Trainers) POST
Curtilage, and Open Fields Blue to Gold
Customer Service UC
Cyber Exploitation POST
Cyber security and awareness UC
Cyber Security Awareness * In-Person * UC
Decision Making and Problem Solving UC
De-escalation Blue and Gold
Defensive Tactics update SJPD
Did You Know? “10-97” POST
Did You Know? “Marsy’s Law” POST
Did You Know? Human Trafficking POST
Disney Leadership Institute Disney
Dispatch Radio Tech POST
Dispatcher UPD, Public safety TFS
Dispatcher, public safety (Basic) SOBAYRTC
Dispatcher, School Violence PSTC
Dispatcher, Supervisory Course GLDN WEST
Dispatcher: Suspicious Activity Report POST
Diversionary device update MCSO
Diversity Awareness Workshop UC
Diversity workshop POST
Dog encounters: Keeping officers safe MPD
Domestic violence response (WEB) POST
Domestic violence restraining orders DOJ
Domestic violence update STANSORTC
Domestic violence/first responder SDRTC
Domestic violence: It's your call, VOL. 1&2 (Web) POST
Driver training (EVOC) Update STANSORTC
Driving (PSP) MCSO
Driving Employee Engagement Through Informal Feedback UC
Driving Employee Engagement Through Performance Reviews (Part 1): Preparing for Performance Reviews UC
Driving Employee Engagement Through Performance Reviews (Part 2): Delivering Performance Reviews UC
Drug law update POST
DUI detection- field sobriety ALAMEDA SO
Duty To Intervene Blue to Gold
Dynamics: What Does Sexual Assault Really Look Like EVAW International
Effective Report Writing: Using the Language of Non-Consensual Sex EVAW International
Electronic surveillance DOJ
Electronic weapons MCSO
Empathy Based Suspect Interviewing Webinar –Part 1 & 2 EVAWI
Engaging and Developing Employees UC
EOC Operations and Planning for All Hazards TEEX
Ergonomics for Computer Users (Ergo-CAT) UC
Essential Information about FML and Disability Accommodations for Supervisors UC
Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners ACFE
Ethical Leadership and the Empowered Workforce UC
Ethical Values and Conduct UC
Ethics and Fraud in the Workplace UC
Evacuation Procedures 2Protect Training Institute
Executive Development- Part I POST
Executive Development- Part II POST
Executive presentation on Implicit bias and healing Scott Meadors-Stockton PD
Extrication Tactics FEMA
Facilitating Upward Feedback UC
False Reports: Moving Beyond the Issue to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute Sexual Assault EVAW International
Field evidence technician CSU-LNGBCH
Field training officer MCSO
Field training officer update CONTRASO
Field training program SAC course SRPSC
Fighting Fentanyl PLET Certification
Fire death investigation SLO CO SO
Fire Extinguisher Use UC
Fire Investigation 1A CA Fire Service Training and Education System
Fire Investigation 1B CA Fire Service Training and Education System
Firearm(PSP) MCSO
Firearms instructor SRPSC
Firearms survival shooting update MCSO
Firearms update MCSO
Firearms/Officer shooting survival MCSO
Firearms/tactical rifle MCSO
Firearms/tactical rifle instructor SOBAYRTC
Firearms/tactical rifle update MCSO
First Aid CPR AED American Heart Association
First Aid/CPR POST
First Aid/CPR Refresher STANSORTC
First Aid/CPR update FRESNO PD
First Aid/CPR/AED Refresher STANSORTC
Forensic Experiential Trauma interview EVAWI
Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview: A Trauma Informed Experience Webinar
Forensic Fire Death Investigation SLO CO SO
Fundamentals of Computer and Internet Fraud ACFE
Gang Sex Trafficking: “Inside the Life”, A Survivors Story  
Gangs and Narcotics Northern California HIDTA
Gangs: PC 186.22 for patrol (Web) POST
Gender Bias and Sexual Assualt Response Webinar EVAWI
Gender expansive UC
General Compliance Briefing: University of California Ethical Values and Conduct UC
Gravely disabled persons  
Guard Training Sintex Security
Halogen eAppraisal 360 Multirater Tutorial for Employees UC
Halogen eAppraisal Reporting Tutorial for Managers UC
Halogen eAppraisal System End-User Training for Employees UC
Halogen eAppraisal Tutorial for Employees UC
Hazmat awareness update STANSORTC
HAZWOPER Referesher Course UC
Healing and Justice in the Muslim American Community, and Providing Language Justice and Access CIR
Homicide investigation (ICI) SOBAYRTC
How do I know you’re Not Lying? Gender Bias and Sexual Assault Response EVAWI
How do you copy? Dispatch radio technology (Web) POST
Human trafficking SROHS
Human Trafficking POST
Human Trafficking and the LGBTQ+ Population Central Valley Against Human Trafficking
Human trafficking investigations SJPD
Human trafficking: identify & respond MPD
Human Trafficking: Identify & Respond POST
ICS 300 & 400 FEMA
ICS for Higher ED FEMA
ICS/EOC Interface Workshop CSTI
Identifying and Responding to “Behaviors of Concern” in the Workplace UC
Identifying the Root Causes of Performance Issues UC
Identity theft for patrol (web) POST
Implicit Bias Series UC
Inegrated Public Alert Warning System for the American Public Emergency Management Institute
Information Security Awareness UC
Instructor-Led First Aid/CPR/AED Skills Demonstration Date POST
Internal Audit Overview UC
Internet Affairs Investigations FRESNO C C
Internet Crime Investigations DOJ
Introduction to Academic Personnel UC
Introduction to Incident Command System Emergency Management Institute
Introduction to Management - Module 1, 2, 3 UC
Investigating and Prosecuting Non-stranger Sexual Assault CDAA
Investigating Strangulation PAVTN
Irradiator training UC
Lab Safety Fundamentals (w/o HazMat) UC
Lab Safety Fundamentals for Engineering Capstone UC
Labor Occupational Health Program  
Law Enforcement Leadership Development PLET Certification
Leadership & accountability TFS
Ledger Review UC
Legal education update MCSO
Less lethal weapon instructor NATRNGCON
Less lethal weapon update MCSO
Leverage Your Strengths and Avoid Derailing Behaviors UC
Liability- Legal Aspects 2Protect Training Institute
LinkedIn Basics UC
Management Course: Modules A, B, C SOBAYRTC
Managing Change: What Supervisors Should Know UC
Managing Critical Incidents for Higher Education Institutions: A Multi-Disciplinary Community Approach TEEX
Managing Organizational Change UC
Managing Property and Evidence in Law Enforcement International Association of Property and Evidence
Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Mindfulness and Conscious De-biasing UC
Materiel Management UC
Mental health evaluation holds Merced County Behavioral Health
Mental health update MPD
Merced County Human Trafficking Coalition Merced County DA
Merced County Mental health Merced County BHRS
Merced County violent incident training Merced County OES
Microsoft Excel 2010 – Basic & Intermediate UC
Mind hunters: Exploiting Offender Psychology in Proactive Operations& Abuse Investigations National White Collar Crime Center
Mobile field force training CHP
Multi-Hazard Emergency Management for Higher Education Emergency Management Institute
N95 distribution training UC
Neurobiology of sex assaults part 1 and 2 EVAWI
Neurobiology of Sexual Assault NSVRS
New Employee Orientation UC
New Employee Orientation (NEO2) UC
No such thing as a bad kid CIR
Observation and Documentation 2Protect Training Institute
Officer involved shooting for field supervisors D-PREP
Officer Safety 2Protect Training Institute
Officer safety -LEOKA STAS
Officer safety/field tactics update STANSORTC
Officer Safety: Hot or not (Web) POST
Officer Safety: Make the right choice (Web) POST
Online Module 2: Victim Assessment and Basic Life Support POST
Online Module 3: Traumatic Injuries POST
Online Module 4: High Risk Medical Emergencies POST
Online Module 5: Other Medical Emergencies POST
Online Module 6: Special Situations POST
Optimizing Child Exploitation Investigations with Flashlight  
orphan activity UC
P320 Armorer Certification Sig Sauer
Performance Management Overview UC
Personnel Management and Payroll UC
Police vehicle pursuits STANSORTC
POT Management School POST
POST Supervisor School POST
POST Supervisory Leadership Institute POST
Practical Ethics for Fraud Examiners ACFE
Pre-Employment Testing Guidelines for Hiring Managers UC
Preliminary Investigation: Guidelines for First Responders EVAW International
Principled policing SOBAYRTC
Protection of Public officials CHP
Public Records Act CPOA
Public Relations 2Protect Training Institute
Public Trust: Confronting Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct EVAWI
Public Trust: Confronting Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct in the #MeToo Era Webinar EVAWI
Pursuit driving update MPD
Queer Ally UC
Question about Forensic Compliance?  
Racial profiling update STANSORTC
Racial Trauma, Healing and Resiliency Training CIR
Racial Trauma, healing, and resiliency: A web-based opportunity for leaning and growth CIR
Racial Trauma, Healing, Resiliency CIR
RAD Instructor RAD
Radar operator CHP
Radiation Safety - Irradiator UC
Raped, Then Jailed: The Risk of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault EVAWI
Rapid Assessment Workshop CSTI
Real World De-escalation Blue to Gold
Real World De-escalation Blue and Gold
Recharge 101 UC
Recruiting and Hiring at UC Merced UC
Regulatory Requirements and Compliance UC
Research Administration EcoSystem at UC Merced UC
Research Compliance Overview UC
Resident Assistant scenarios UC
Respiratory Protection UC
Respiratory Protection for Non-Lab Personnel UC
Responding to Racial Bias and Microaggression in Online Environments CORA
RIMS conference SunRidge RIMS
Risk Management and Insurance (Section 1&2) UC
Risk Management and Risk Assessment UC
RVs, Motels, and tents Blue to Gold
RVs, Motels, and Tents Training Blue to Gold
Safe Driver Awareness UC
School resource officer SRPSC
Search Advisory and Hiring Committee Best Practices UC
Search and Seizure Webinar
Search and Seizure pertaining to RVs, tents,and motels Blue and Gold
Search Warrant fundamentals (web) POST
Search Warrants Blue to Gold
Searching Cars & Occupants Blue to Gold
SEMS EOC Management Section/Position G-611 Course CSTI
SEMS Section Position Specific Training: Operations Section CSTI
Setting Expectations and Individual Performance Goals UC
Sex Trafficking in Schools  
Sexual Assault Investigation POST
Sexual assault investigations LAPD
Sexual assault investigations for 1st responders SDRTC
Sexual assault: The patrol response (Web) POST
Sexual Harassment Prevention UC
Sexual Harassment Prevention - A Life Theatre Services Production UC
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Student Employees, Presented by OC3 UC
Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention UC
Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute POST
Situational Leadership: A Model for Developing People UC
SLI session 6 POST
Social Media Basics  
Special weapons & tactics SCSO
Strengthening Victims in Underserved Communities: Mitigating Implicit Biases CIR
Stress Management UC
Supervisory course SRPSC
Tactical communication (PSP) STANSORTC
Tactical communication (Web) POST
Tactical Lifesaver 8 hour ISTM
Target your teaching (Web) POST
Taser Instructor Taser
Taser Re-certififcation UC
Team Building UC
Technical rope operations instructor CATT
Technology in investigations (ICI) SDRTC
Telecom trainers update DOJ
Terrorism- law enforcement response (Web) POST
Terrorism- Targeting of public utilities D-PREP
The Big Picture on Complex Developmental Trauma in Children from Difficult Beginnings CIR Underserved Populations Training project
The Control Environment and Control Activities UC
The Importance of Language in Expanding Services to All Victims CIR
Time Management UC
Tools for Addressing Gender Bias In Sexual Assault Response EVAWI
Traffic collision investigation CONTRASO
Training conference SOBAYRTC
Trauma Informed  
Trauma. The counter story Epoch training
Travel & Entertainment Card Guideline Overview UC
Travel & Entertainment Policy Training (Mandatory for system access for Express and Conexus) UC
Trespass 2Protect Training Institute
TRS Training For Employees UC
TRS Training For Supervisors UC
UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals UC
UC Cyber Security Awareness Training UC
UC Emergency Management and Business Continuity Conference UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: Common Forms of Bias UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias – Awareness UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias - Mindfulness and Conscious De-biasing UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: The Impact of Implicit Bias UC
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: What is Implicit Bias? UC
UC Merced COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide UC
UC Sexual Harassment Prevention Training UC
UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Non-Supervisory Employees UC
UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Faculty UC
Understanding race & ethnicity Epoch Education
Understanding Trauma Bonds Between Traffickers and their Victims CIR
UNDOCUally training UC
Unpacking Oppression Workshop and Understanding Diversity and Social Justice UC
US Secret Service Mass ?
Using Virtual for interviews EVAWI
Values and Ethics UC
Victim Impact: How Victims Are Affected by Sexual Assault and How Law Enforcement Can Respond EVAW International
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) UC System wide Training UC
VIRT instructor Alice Institute
Vista and Vista Wi-Fi Wearable Camera User Training WatchGuard
Warrantless Entries of Homes Blue to Gold
Why Good People Do Bad Things: The Psychology of Workplace Deviance ACFE
Women's Initiative for Professional Development UC
Workplace Investigations Training (by ECAS) UC
Wrap instructor training Online/hands on
Writing Narcotics Search Warrants Northern California HIDTA
WSIN Training WSIN