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Police Services - Emergency Management

Officer Kourtney Brown

Officer Kourtney Brown has a desire to always be the best version of herself, which comes from her natural competitiveness. She remembers playing softball at five years old. Her mother, father, uncle and aunts played slow pitch softball in the adult league on weekday nights. The weekends were all about filling up one half of the church with just her family alone. These memories influenced Officer Brown in such a positive way and shaped who she has become.

Becoming a police officer was never in Officer Brown’s sights. Her dream was to become an attorney. The paralegal courses during junior college did not keep her interest. Her curiosity for the law was fueled by taking criminal justice classes. The negative police contacts she witnessed while growing up only scared her. These wounds turned into wisdom as she became an adult.

Brown attended the police academy with her best friend who always wanted to become a police officer. She was unsure how some of her family members would perceive her new venture. It became evident how excited everyone was for her, even the ones who previously experienced negative police contact. The many challenges she experienced along this journey are a part of who she is. They stay with her every day when she puts her uniform on.

The ability to be “different” is what makes Officer Brown shine. She never wantsto follow anyone’s path. She has always wanted to be different, but memorable. The drive and ability to help people are in her core. Family members mentored her on how to be genuine, humble, and helpful. These traits allow her to serve on a more meaningful level.

Brown’s multi-cultural background allows her to relate to so many different people. Her struggles in life were rooted around acceptance of her race and sexuality. She talks openly about these feelings now in order to help others. Officer Brown thinks it is important to learn from each other. Learning something new every day excites her. She strives to be different with all aspects of life. She enjoys many things, but nothing compares to helping people.

Officer Brown’s family is a huge part of where she is now in her career. The open relationship she had with her parents is the same philosophy she has with her household now. Her partner and her have a very strong family orientated background. Her nieces and nephews are her greatest attribute. Officer Brown is a positive role in their lives to make them aware of who they are as individuals. Working with students allows Officer Brown further opportunities to help mentor others through their struggles toward acceptance.