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Bike and Electronics Registration

Bike and Electronic Registration

Why register?:

  • $2 per electronics & $3 per bicycles.
  • Items registered with the Police Department are affixed with a unique label that corresponds to their serial number or unique manufacturer-issued number.
  • This information is kept in a database which enhances the ability to relocate stolen items.
  • Registered items have much greater chance of being recovered and returned to their owners.
  • The visibility of the label make registered items less likely to be stolen.

To Register Bikes and Electronics:

  1. Fill out the Property Registration Form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the campus Police Department.
  3. A CSO will then complete the registration process by taking your payment* and assigning your property a unique label ID.

*Payment can be made via CatDollars or Debit Card/Credit Card through mybill. Cash payments must be made at Cashiering.

Note: Call 209-228-2677 (CAT-COPS) to schedule an appointment to register items that are too big to be carried to the Police Department.