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Bike and Electronics Registration

Bike and Electronic Registration

  • Items registered with the Police Department are affixed with a unique label that corresponds to their serial number or unique manufacturer-issued number.
  • This information is kept in a database which enhances the ability to relocate stolen items.
  • Registered items have much greater chance of being recovered and returned to their owners.
  • The visibility of the label make registered items less likely to be stolen.

To Register Bikes and Electronics:

  1. Go to Intel Forms Website
  2. Log in and fill out the form.
  3. Pay the fee through Intel Forms.
  4. Bring receipt or proof of payment along with the item(s) to be registered to the Police Department.

Note: Call 209-228-2677 (CAT-COPS) to schedule an appointment to register items that are too big to be carried to the Police Department.